CasaClima Class A, n. certificate IT-2018-01342;

NZEB building (almost Zero Energy building);

Class A building according to the Environmental Sustainability Protocol of the Abruzzo Region.




Abruzzo, Montesilvano (Pescara)

Construction type





Arch. Paolo Cornacchini, Arch. Sara De Boni

ClimateHouse Consulting / Design

Arch. Paolo Cornacchini

The Client’s desire was to create an energy-saving house, in green building on the CasaClima standard, a building made with natural materials whose energy requirements were very low (almost zero) and significantly covered by energy from renewable sources.

The building is located in Montesilvano, in a hilly area with partial sea view, only from one corner of the lot is the possibility to enjoy the sea view.

The design had to take into account the constraints due to the steep slope of the land and the fact that the view towards the sea was only free diagonally from the northwest corner of the lot. From this corner develop the two large panoramic terraces (of the intermediate floor and of the last floor) on which the main living areas of the building overlook.

The house is on three levels, the heart of the house is represented by the middle floor which leads directly from the main road.

The project takes into account the requests of the client in favor of a traditional architectural form, implemented with the innovative techniques and technologies necessary to achieve the set objective.

Outside the building has a light plaster and a traditional roof covering.

The entire construction system is made of wood, prefabricated, which allows for the construction of a building in green building with excellent anti-seismic performance.

A VMC plant (controlled mechanical ventilation) with very high efficiency heat recovery ensures a healthy and high quality of indoor air, allowing a considerable energy saving. A photovoltaic system and a solar system for the production of hot water are included in the coverage that guarantee the coverage of the minimum energy requirement. Passing the final Blower Door Test (building airtight test), necessary to obtain CasaClima certification, has certified the excellent quality of execution of the various operators who participated in the realization.