Casa Clima Class A

NZEB building (almost Zero Energy building);

Class A building according to the Environmental Sustainability Protocol of the Umbria Region.

Edificio in Classe A secondo il protocollo di Sostenibilità Ambientale della Regione Umbria.


Umbria, Marsciano (Perugia)

Construction type

Masonry building




Arch. Paolo Cornacchini, Arch. Sara De Boni

ClimateHouse Consulting / Design

Arch. Paolo Cornacchini

The Client’s wish was to build a single-family house in green building on the Casa Clima standard, a building made with natural materials whose energy requirements were very low and significantly covered by energy from renewable sources.

The client wanted to enhance the wonderful surrounding landscape through large windows from which to enjoy the green and gentle Umbrian hills.

The project is divided into two main buildings that house the living area and the sleeping area respectively, these two bodies are connected by a central area used as the main entrance.

The building is on two levels. In addition to the ground floor used as a main residence, there is a first floor consisting of a small room that serves to access the green roof and from which you can enjoy the wonderful panoramic view. Detached from the main building, an annex was conceived as an appurtenance car park with a photovoltaic roof.

The building is divided into simple volumes, covered in stone. The traditional architecture has been updated, rethought and combined according to modern needs and the high standards required.

The structure of the building is traditional, in brick masonry covered with stone. The high degree of insulation in natural fiber with which the building envelope is insulated guarantees high winter and summer comfort with minimum consumption.

The renewable energies present in the roof are able to significantly cover the energy needs due to heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

A rainwater collection and storage system, consisting of 2 underground cisterns, guarantees a useful reserve to be used in the summer season for irrigation uses in the large garden surrounding the house.

The domotic system installed allows to optimize the building-plant management contributing to the efficiency of the system. A VMC plant (controlled mechanical ventilation) with very high efficiency heat recovery ensures a healthy and high quality of indoor air, allowing a considerable energy saving.