CasaClima Gold Class, n. certificate IT-2018-01407;

NZEB building (almost Zero Energy building);

Class A building according to the Environmental Sustainability Protocol of the Umbria Region



Umbria, Spoleto (Perugia)

Construction type





Arch. Paolo Cornacchini, Arch. Sara De Boni

ClimateHouse Consulting / Design

Arch. Paolo Cornacchini

The Client’s desire was to build a single-family house in green building on the passive house standard, a building made with natural materials whose energy requirements were very low (almost zero) and significantly covered by energy from renewable sources.

The building is located in Spoleto, in an area of ​​Umbria considered to be highly seismic, therefore the needs for high energy performance have been combined based on this important peculiarity.

The house is on 2 levels, the heart of the house is represented by the double-height living room which overlooks a small mezzanine floor.

The project takes into account the requests of the client in favor of a traditional architectural form, implemented with the innovative techniques and technologies necessary to achieve the set objective.

On the outside, the building has a light white “spoletino” plaster and a traditional roof covering, the fixtures are made of wood.

The entire construction system is made of wood, prefabricated, which allows for the construction of a building in green building with excellent anti-seismic performance.

Natural materials are used for interior finishes and thermal insulation: solvent-free water-based paints, cork, wood fiber. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the internal air that must be free of harmful substances, provide a feeling of high comfort together with the natural scent of wood. For the green building aspect the dictates of the demanding protocol “CasaClima Nature” are respected. The domotic system installed allows to optimize the building-plant management contributing to the efficiency of the system and to control even remotely, via smartphone, tablet or PC, important functions such as: energy, comfort, safety and communication.

A VMC plant (controlled mechanical ventilation) with very high efficiency heat recovery ensures a healthy and high quality of indoor air, allowing a considerable energy saving.