Restructuring of existing building



Umbria, Province of Perugia

Construction type

Masonry building




Arch. Paolo Cornacchini, Arch. Sara De Boni, Ing. Marco Cairoli, Ing. Valeria Aristippo

The project concerns the renovation of a farmhouse nestled in the beautiful hills of Umbria, in Central Italy.

The building is made with traditional materials and techniques, mixed masonry in stone and brick with floors and roofs in wood and brick.

The building first requires seismic consolidation to make it comply with the new regulations and to remediate problems related to the humidity of the ground floor.

The client also requires that the building reach high standards of energy efficiency, the building must tend towards a passive house, the desire is to have a building envelope that can reduce energy consumption to a minimum and satisfy this “minimum” with renewable energies: solar and geothermal.

The interventions are framed respecting the nature and the architectural form of the farmhouse using techniques and solutions that make living more comfortable.

The masonry, the color of the mortar between the stones, the wooden beams and fixtures, the tiles and the roof tiles of the roofs, the use of terracotta are used in respect of local rural buildings.