Quality test, diagnostic investigation of the building


Level II Certified IR Thermography Technician

Arch. Paolo Cornacchini

On the one hand it can be very useful to identify any defects during construction to be able to correct them effectively or carry out a diagnostic investigation on existing buildings before intervening with a renovation, or it may be of interest to the buyer or the client verify the correct execution of the works, check the quality or the absence of any problems.

Among the most effective verification tools used today, there are the Blower Door Test (or air tightness test) and the infrared thermal imaging camera (IR), in some cases used simultaneously.

Infrared thermography is a non-destructive test and today has many fields of application.

In construction it is used both in new and old buildings in order to search for:

– insulation defects such as thermal bridges, or points of thermal discontinuity of the building envelope that cause drops in temperature and possible formation of mold;

– air infiltrations present on the building envelope, check the correct installation of the frames or of a system laid dry like a wooden roof, a floor, a wall;

– any water leaks from pipes under the track: under the floor or on the wall;
– defects or malfunctions to the radiant heating system;
– presence of rising damp or infiltration;
– plaster detachments;
– anomalies on systems and electrical panels;
– “detect” the wall texture under plaster;

The infrared camera is able to detect infrared (thermal) energy, making it possible to analyze phenomena that are invisible to the human eye and to compare the different temperatures existing on a surface in order to detect any irregularities.